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   The 'Origin of Creation of Species', is a 195 page transcript, scientifically describing 2 new discoveries, written by Anthony Gerard Hudson, (born in Sydney, Australia).


     A NEW microbiological discovery debunking Darwin's speciation of species of creatures has been unveiled, (meaning that we were created). It is the first scientific non-fictional, non-theoretical, and non-religious book of 'Creation' ever published, proving 'evident creation' through a newly discovered integrated process, within the highly governed network of microbiological infrastructure, within the nucleolus, in the Mitosis process which provides us with 'evident creation' of one particular action utilized for a successful procreation, commencing within our Brain cells, leading to undeniable and conclusive evidence, that we can now explain with scientific, and mathematical equation, that any species of 'creature' was indeed initially created, which correlates with this new discovery in microbiology. 


   The book, will be given a release date for publishing mid 2020, by Austin Macauley Publishers London, whereas, soon after it's release, there will be a new dialog opened here for your interaction, which may be a forum for individuals, or associations, with something new or constructive to add to the: New Scientific Creationist Societies accepted base ideology.

      The:  World English Language Dictionary, (WELD), ( currently under construction),is a new dictionary for every Country, teachers, pupils, and most of all, the learners who wish to utilize the easiest way to absorb the English language, and the re-correction of any current word, will be determined by the professional delegates, as described toward the end of this particular site.

      This new dictionary, is being developed for all education departments, to have one unified, world wide way of understanding English, and optimizing learning effectiveness, designed with simplicity, rather than complexity in mind, one world English language dictionary, taking a unified approach into our distant future. 

      The: 'New Scientific Creationist Society', is a Non-religious organization, however, understanding of many scriptures of religions, (R'), and free of the Indoctrination from the Theory of evolution, (E'), of 'species of creature' genotype change,  our Society, was built upon the scientifically evident, yet non-molecular elements of: Respect, acceptance, love, and mutual forgiveness of all others, whilst always being thankful to our "Creator", which produces good natured feelings, the learning process to improve our succession, into our next place in eternity, awaits your attendance, and you will find the encouragement one needs within this forum.


      Our Society is 'refined information', defining your personality as individual, available to help increase your way of being empowered, and not simply imagining you are, you will learn to utilize the tools and equipment, that you already possess, for you to be what you aspire to be, and completely understand who you are, by recognizing your place in this universe, and by utilizing the relationship we all share between pure science, and the evident Creator, showing you how we can improve our own personality, leaving you with greater satisfaction in every day life, using the untapped skills that you have, and the ones you will develop, to fulfill your many personal achievements.


      This may only occur, once you can see that after having the indoctrination's of R', or E', which has been pushed upon you, enough to throw it all away, wipe your slate clean, and become involved within the 'uplifting theology', of a: New Scientific Creationist, so as to understanding the spiritual freedom, hence, to obtain what you may ave thought was unattainable, will actually eventuate, with the right combination of spiritual connectivity, and devotion to yourself, and your Creator.


      Endless scientific research has eliminated the ability for any 'creature of animal' to be capable of genotype change, from one species of creature, to any other, over any period of time, there is only speciation within Flora, otherwise, only adaptations of the previously Created species is all we have evidence of, hence, with the jettison of Darwin's theory that we are Apes, it is now completely understandable, that we are the result of the progressive developments, which have derived from "Creative Biological Prototyping Advancements", (BCPA), which commenced as the first type of Primate, the Demoptera, around 50 million years ago, the fossilized remains were categorized, with C14, and a cross matching of dating processes, whereas each species of Primate, were a learning process of the Creator/s, for the Hominid group of species, to have slowly lead by progressive creation, toward our Intelligent, and understanding Sapiens in a 'step by step creation' process.


     We are primarily a carbon based life form, meaning that if we were to be completely reduced to our lowest atomic form, we would be approximately the size of a 4 carat diamond in compressed carbon, biologically speaking, we are a new species, a new creation, or as the people who Ignore the reality of creation put it, our species "Appearance" around  200,000 to 300,000 years ago, whereas such Sapiens fossil dating confirmation was determined by powerful electron microscopy, after fossil carbon 14 dating conclusions, and, as it is a certainty that all individual species, must have commenced with one, (Einsteins Singularity), yet this singularity, would have commenced with 2 new Sapiens species, being 1 pair, not unlike very slow machine gun fire, or a production line, there is always a first bullet / person, followed by as many as there are people today. (7.30 billion)

     Being carbon, a part of the New Scientific Creationist Society theology,  utilizing a comparative analysis, we are likened to a Diamond, the fact is that we are born spiritually flawless, 'In the rough', then we are faceted by what we absorb within our upbringing, however, the many infiltration's along our pathway, may contain 'dark substances', however, your light can only shine like a rainbow if you have the least flaws, the carbon spots, and feathers within your diamond, will disable the full spectrum of light to shine through, these flaws, represent things such as people, or historical events out of your personal control, things which are distasteful to your personality, you should locate these flaws, which represent the many unwanted interruptions in your life, and commence to feel the uplifting effects of: "Weeding your mind garden", as you commence to peel the layers that bind you to the things which obstruct your flow of happiness!


     You may start by writing some answers down on a piece of paper, the people, or rules / things such as substance abuse, that have tied you up, or categorized and pigeon holed you, but firstly, you might wish to consider some of there potential problems, which may be effecting your personal achievement for completeness, please bear in mind that all 4,000 religions say they are the right one!    (But so does each shampoo bottle, humor them).


    Do you actually believe everything that you have been told, or presented with?

    Are the people in the leadership of your society / R' actually of any help to you, or are they Dictatorial?

    Are you personally satisfied with being constantly dictated to by your R' peers?

    Are they 'in your pocket' ever?  (this is a major flaw)

    Do you get visits at your home by your "Overseers" who have some grip on you? Are you their prisoner?

    Are the people, such as Scientologist Hubbard, and their theologies you can see, have flaws in them?

    Do they keep you under watch, tightly, and close in their many various ways, is it your worst distraction?

    Do they teach separatism, and throw convictions at others, backyard Judges? They are your poison.


        If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above, then you have allowed a 'blockage of light stream' to dwell within your personal Diamond, (Inner spiritual clean slate), life gets difficult if you must navigate through murky waters, like a cancerous growth, you need to cut them out, out of your life, and out of your Diamond, it is only then that you will 'shine bright', and it will show in things you say and do. 


        If you are willing, and capable of freeing yourself from indoctrination's, enforces, dictators, people who punished you, penance givers, that give your spiritual being, so many limitations, rather than aid your complete spiritual freedom, then you can start today, just go back to the above short list of potential blockages, and write down how any of the above elements, have encroached upon the light in your life.


       This new society, understands the science behind 'Evident Creation', and the reality that; we do certainly have a Creator, many people have named this entity: the 'GOD' of all things known, and unknown, however, it is only courteous, and genuine of spirit, to be thankful for our existence, and that there are many people, who have been severely led astray, by both: R', and the many unscientific, misleading, and imaginary concepts, within the Theory of E' of species of creatures, including their belief that you are an Ape, with your only value, (besides what Money that you give to their own society through your life), recognized by them, is the meat and organs that your body has, along with what you have done through life, that leaves a print of sorts, the theory of 'E' is responsible for the spiritual desolation of many people.


       To commence with, one needs understand the evidence within the book: "Origin of Creation of Species", (to be released mid 2020), please try to understand as much as you can, within this, the first scientific non fictional book of creation ever published, around 190 pages, it will be in the public eye, online as an eBook, and in book stores with it's worldwide distribution, by Austin Macauley Publishers London, and in time, once your understanding of creation, has given it's 3rd side to the coin, (The outside) a chance for you to analyse the subject matter of, you will be pleased to know that here is an unbiased forum, for you to receive accurate news of hope, and regular scientific updates, which will further continue to affirm evidence of creation, that will embrace your feelings of being with a society (not belonging to one) without expectations, or indoctrination, however, there are some scientific observations, that you would need to understand, in order for your enlightenment to be recognized by yourself as: Learning the truth, rather than commencing further indoctrination's. 


       You may send any reasonable question through the below email, and we will be able to address anything of relevance each week, for spiritual sustenance, to enable your growth within our new, and impeccable society. 

       There are a few things that a: 'New Scientific Creationist' should consider, if a free way of life is your choice, there is no request for you to join up with us as in the order of a " New Scientific Creationist", and there will be a new beginning for you today, simply by throwing all indoctrination's away, a way of showing how we can improve ourselves, within our ecosystem, simply by following the trails to improve your self esteem, mental health, (because you will be enlightened), and this society, together with your determination to be more satisfying to yourself, and others around you, will give your soul, the food of knowledge showing why you do fit into life here, and the best person you are destined to become, will flow on to all those you meet, elevating what you can personally be, from what was your previously reached heights, so that your personal best, becomes greater, than you were previously 'Presented with', by your inner self becoming a greater of spirit.


        It is by knowing, being certain, and not merely believing, or having faith, (of which both of those categories depicts some vagueness), that will lead to personal growth, by the way you will feel, knowing for sure, that you are a completely free spirit / soul, your awareness will increase once you understand that we are 'not alone'!


       Free of any form of guilt, because your shortcomings are Always forgiven, no matter what they are, no matter how long ago, or how many of them there are, there is no need for R' based penance, repeating short stories over, and over, is only to brainwash yourself daily, and has nothing to do with your intention to accept our "Creator", and the ways of respect, will become the guiding light through your life.

      Our 102 billion nucleolus, within every one of our brain cells, have a fantastic recording system of your life, and within the same cells are the intricate, and well designed 'Transmitting Systems', these features are the spiritual communicative portions of our brains, we can indeed communicate with our "Creator", as there are significant biological systems within the nucleolus, of what looks like common antennae, and many other microbiological devices which are yet to be defined, have now been located, and categorized so far by Science, as not knowing what they actually do yet, however a microbiological recording system, what is within our Nucleolus, would obviously have a replay system, besides mitosis being a type of replay as well.

     All you need, is to simply go to your 'quiet place', and communicate with the only powerful, and invisible entity for forgiveness of anything that your soul has regrets about, the same as you will forgive others, this is not a theory, 'Karma' depicts that you get what you give... What comes around, goes around, etc.. 


     E=MC2 in the Laws of Physics, dictates that every action, MUST have an equal and opposite reaction.

     Having a spiritual relationship with your "Creator" is not a religion, it is paying a type of respect, for what you have been given, do it your way, it is only between you and the powerful entity who made everything known, all at once, not atom by atom.


                                         So easy to feel 'Brand New', each and every day.


      It is through science, that we have established our evidentual Creator, with the first life RNA, and the multitude of processes, that this micro organism was pre organised to complete, in order to develop the single cell organism, now we need to simply learn to understand this phenomenal entity, by observing the many natural designs, that (PID) "Pre-organised Intelligent Design" has given the remaining evidence, to scientifically validate the existence of such a "Creator", with what has been delivered to us: There are so many wonders, facets, and factors, that you have yet to unveil to yourself.

      From the senses of our mind and body, of which we are endowed with, to what feelings you are experiencing each day, and they are always ready to develop further, once you commence to Peal away the unrealistic expectations of common society, which are in a multitude of layers, controlling your every move, from political correctness, to what you must do, how to behave, what you must think, etc...

     It will be by understanding your own "Creator", who has made everything known, for our indulgence, and enjoyment, in one form or another, as your closest spiritual Allie, that you will come to be at one with such a significant, and powerful force, and you will find much peace with yourself, together with this new forum, for you to communicate your feelings, sometimes in search of the answers that may be provided for you, simply ask what it is that you feel you are missing, and we will help by involving an understanding of your concern, and offer you realistic, and scientifically composed guidance.

      Escape your ties, that chain you to religions, the Illuminati, so called Scientologists, Jehovah's witnesses, are all CULTS, or indeed, the preposterous theory of: Evolution of creatures, providing misguidance, forever if you can, and you will soon feel much better once you understand, that you do not necessarily need what has been presented to you, although the group that you need to separate yourself from, will keep pushing for you to stay, they will attempt to enforce their ideology upon you over again, (Possibly with threats) because they do not like their numbers to diminish, it is then, that you will commence to understand how your life has been 'released', from what you only thought was somehow obligatory, because other people have told you so.       ( proclaimed Church leaders, Pushy Evolutionists, Elders... etc...).

     If you are an adult, you should not require an 'Elder' to distract your purpose in life, even if you are younger, and can understand the content of the New Scientific Creationist Society, and if you can see that it is good, then simply be at one with us, and realize your sense of belonging with this new society.

    Thank you for the time that you have taken to read my introduction, i know that you will personally enjoy knowing that you have become a member of the: New Scientific Creationist Society, (NSCS), the accurate science, and compelling evidence behind your: 'Electric intelligent everlasting life', will also be unveiled in scientific detail, is described within the (OCS) Book.

     So then, what next, you could possibly commence a short list of refinements, check the above list, and start the release of your spiritual being, consider 'ticking them off', as you begin to identify with the Power that you actually have, this society will lead you to the many abilities that you have, which has been left unaddressed.

      Fear no more, struggle with life no more, any personal distaste from your history, will be diminished slowly to zero, the sooner a wound heals, only depends upon the treatment received.

     Thank you for reading about the new way of living a life that is truly free.

     Anthony Gerard Hudson.


           World English Language Dictionary . Com

          The new:   World English Dictionary 

    Presenting the World English Language Dictionary, (WELD), a new way of helping to understand our English language is being constructed, for a more efficient, and time conscious layout of descriptions of words, designed and created to alleviate, not elevate stress levels of teaching English to a classroom of beginner, and Intermediate students anywhere in the world, and aid the recognition of ways for the mind to intemperate each word, and it's meaning/s, making the entire learning process much quicker, and will maximize teaching performance, saving unprecedented quantities of time, and money into the future.

   After the release of the new book: Origin of Creation of Species, the WELD will be comprehensively reconstructed, after completing the research of strategies being adopted, and concluded the many short tasks remaining to be completed, which is involved with the yearly addition release process of the "WELD", that the first addition will become available to the public.


  In the interim, between now, and the time whereas the commencement of the: 'First Addition's' release date has been certified, we will be convening a world wide forum, dedicated to the assembly of this new dictionary, the forum of delegates will consist of: 1 Professor of English, and 1 Linguist graduate from each country, where the teaching of the 'English Language', is a part of their educational curriculum, we will be selecting them from each countries list of Graduates, which will in turn, be given the opportunity to become the founding delegates of the WELD.

 This dictionary will be 'Doing Away" with the embarrassment, or frustration associated with trying to teach the children, and aged ethnics, a dialect that has been contaminated over the centuries with 'Ad-dons", which is all that we have today, the many various forms of English dictionaries, are a combination of twisted, and ancient relics of words, and nothing to take into the 2020's, and nothing to aid the educational progression of the 'system of teaching', so to aid the pupil, to fluently understand.

                                              SPELL IT LIKE IT SOUNDS


To commence with, a 'Rationalization'  of contents presented in the current Dictionaries, is required, so as to teach the same words, anywhere you are in the World, and when each country adheres to accepting the; one world English dictionary, for their educational teaching programs, so as to make it easier to understand, and convey to others, without many of the unless silent prefixes, is always a stumbling block for the early learners, it is first and foremost to learn English, and not to make it a series of words without synergy.

   A silent letter, can not be eliminated, if it is an integral portion of similar words, derived from the other, which require such a silent letter on each of that words variations,  nor a medical term, nor a name of a: Profession /street / place / or person, and most foods will not be the subject of changes, hence, the Germans will still have Knockwurst, but no 'E' in Shallots will be there. 


    There are many problems associated with teaching the words as they are, as there are several various dictionaries used around the world which are currently in operation, which will never address this dire situation, ultimately, it will be for the delegation of English Professors, and Linguists to decide the fate of each word. 

                              Thank you for your interest, the WELD progression to first publication release, is to be continued as earlier advised, however, if you have any questions about either of the above categories, or domains, please send an email.

                                                           Anthony Gerard Hudson




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